Radio Mi Amigo International - Your all Day Music Station - 6085 kHz


From a broadcast centre in Kall-Krekel in Germany we broadcast on Shortwave, on the following frequencies: in the 49, 41 and 31 meter bands on 6085, 7310 en 3985 kHz. And from Riga in Latvia on Medium Wave: 1485 AM, serving parts of Scandinavia, Russia and North-East Germany. We bring you music and jingles from the Golden Era of offshore broadcasting, right across Europe and around the World. True 'Free Radio', with today's technology. No tight formats or playlists, just the best music made between 1960 and 1988, handpicked by our DJ's. Most of them actually started their long careers on legendary pirate radio ships such as Radio Caroline's 'MV Mi Amigo', Swinging Radio England's 'Laissez-Faire' and Laser 558's 'Communicator'. Radio Mi Amigo International is operated from Alicante, Spain.

Dit is Radio Mi Amigo International: het AM geluid van de zeezenders met de techniek van nu. Uitzendend vanuit Kall in de Eiffel, op de korte golf in de 49 meter band op 6085 Kiloherz, de 75 meter band 3985 en in de 41 meter band op 7310 kiloherz. Hier vind je alle informatie over ons, onze programma's, het uitzendschema, de webshop en de webstreams.

Luister iedere dag naar het echte AM-geluid, of naar onze webstream in stereo.

Ontvangstrapporten zijn van harte welkom en worden beantwoord met een digitale QSL kaart.

Bringing Back the Golden Era of Offshore AM Radio, every weekend on 4 frequencies in the 31-, 41- and 49- meter band Shortwave. We bring you music and jingles from the golden era of broadcasting, right across Europe and around the World.

Put that amazing AM sound back into your life with 22 hours of fabulous programmes every weekend on Shortwave (and mediumwave too).

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Listen 24/7 online with the great weekend shows and non-stop-music, and all Live Programs at the weekdays and weekend on SW and MW will be also available at the same time online.