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Eric Hofman on board Castor

Inspired by the offshore stations in the 70s, in particular Mi Amigo, Veronica and Caroline, Eric started his career as a DJ in the summer of 1980.

At the time, there were quite a few stations with national coverage in Brussels, such as Radio Contact where he debuted.

But it was Mi Amigo's own Patrick Dubateau who brought Eric to the notorious Maeva.

Led by Mi Amigo's Patrick Valain, former Belgian landbased pirate station 'Maeva' was the continuation of Radio Mi Amigo on land. Thanks to its excellent organization and nationwide FM coverage throughout Flanders, Maeva became the most popular radio station of its time.

At the same time, behind the scenes, Eric provided services for for Roy Lindau and the offshore radio pirate Laser 558.

In later years, Eric would also make a name for himself in TV, on Belgian's first commercial TV network VTM, as station voice-over and trailer voice, together with his friend Peter van Dam.

Since many decades Eric is also a producer of jingles and radio commercials.

Eric en Dirk Eric Hofman's smooth, fast and personal presentation style connects seamlessly with the international sound of the early offshore stations: the 'freedom' of the past with the technology and speed of today.

Radio Mi Amigo couldn't be happier with Eric's arrival; finally we can connect again with the fans of Sylvain Tack's original Flemish / Dutch Radio Mi Amigo. An important link, that was missing in our programs ever since the passing of our beloved colleague Peter van Dam.

Both pictures were taken during the recent MiAmigo45 event: 4 days of live programs from a temporary radio ship ship, during which Eric (together with Dirk Moerman) showed themselves to be true Mi Amigo DJs.


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