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Portable. So much easier today..!

Broadcasting to the World on Shortwave and 24/7 ONLINE
with live presented shows from Friday 11:00 till early Monday mornings [Central European Time]

Real free radio, live all weekend...
We're Bringing It Back!
Happy camper 2020

Broadcasting to the World on Shortwave and 24/7 ONLINE
with live presented shows from Friday 11:00 till early Monday mornings [Central European Time]

Beatles Mv Mi Amigo

Broadcasting to the World on Shortwave and 24/7 ONLINE
with live presented shows from Friday 11:00 till early Monday mornings [Central European Time]

Take us anywhere you like this weekend...
Portable. Again!
Portable. Again!

Broadcasting to the World on Shortwave and 24/7 ONLINE
with live presented shows from Friday 11:00 till early Monday mornings [Central European Time]

Saturday 9. November 2019

...when today's radio makes you feel
You have a choice. Free Radio is back!

Broadcasting to the World on Shortwave and 24/7 ONLINE
with live presented shows from Friday 11:00 till early Monday mornings [Central European Time]

Friday 1. November 2019

Rockin' the boat, live all weekend...
Exciting music from an exciting era... Free Radio is back!
What the Swinging 60s looked like

Broadcasting to the World on Shortwave and 24/7 ONLINE
with live presented shows from Friday 11:00 till early Monday mornings [Central European Time]

Friday 24. October 2019

Prepare yourself for a great weekend... half the fun already!
We're (a)live! From Friday till early Monday morning...

Broadcasting to the World on Shortwave and 24/7 ONLINE
with live presented shows from Friday 11:00 till early Monday mornings [Central European Time]

Saturday 19. October 2019

...still hot: your original 60s, 70s and 80s soundtrack!
Turning you on, this rainy October weekend...
Tune-in turn on

Broadcasting to the World on Shortwave and 24/7 ONLINE
with live presented shows from Friday 11:00 till early Monday mornings [Central European Time]

Saturday 12. October 2019

Do YOU remember the feeling, listening to Free Radio..?
Feel it again, this weekend: on Shortwave and Online!
Bringing back the Golden Era of Offshore AM Radio

Broadcasting to the World on Shortwave and 24/7 ONLINE
with live presented shows from Friday 11:00 till early Monday mornings [Central European Time]

Thursday 10. October 2019

One more chance if you've missed it last Saturday...
"The One Hit Wonders' - Emperor Rosko - this Friday 16:00
One Hit Wonders
The Golden Era of Offshore radio in Europe - ONLINE 24/7
Live: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 09:00 - 20:00 [Central European Time]

Sunday 5. October 2019

Super fast local web stream for our overseas friends...
Hear what you missed in the 60s and 70s

Download our new intercontinental program schedule here:
World schedule Radio Mi Amigo International (enlarge when opened)

YES, Mi Amigo's local stream for the Amercias!

Europe's Nr.1 oldies station - comes to the Americas and the world!


We're working on the 'Intercontinental Program Schedule' and we'll be testing it tonight and over this weekend!

Now that we have the extra North American stream up , this is a good moment to execute the old plan, which is to repeat our presented English language shows in the evenings and nights, so they can be heard in other continents at more convenient times.

Our Music is unique and universal, it represents a very exciting time in Europe in the 60s and 70s. That's why our 'Europe's Nr.1 Oldies Station' slogan becomes even more relevant, now that these shows can be heard in territories where the offshore pirates are something only a few ever heard about.

Even though we know we offer the best music from that era offered anywhere on the planet, we don't expect to conquer the world in one weekend. It's something that we have to build over te coming weeks and months. New worldwide high power shortwave broadcasts are being planned and we'll pull a few other strings as well. It is going to be exciting!

We want the whole world to share what Radio Mi Amigo has to offer. There are hundreds of millions out there that speak English, and the internet is global.

As said: music is universal, The British invasion f.i. was well known, now everyone can connect with the exciting station in Europe that was part of it all. I'm sure some will find it of interest.. We'll be testing the new server scripts tonight and over the weekend, so there has been no publicity yet. We may have to fine-tune things. Let us know what you think.

See what the schedule looks like in the this Pdf (enlarge it).

The Golden Era of Offshore radio in Europe - ONLINE 24/7
Live: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 09:00 - 20:00 [Central European Time]

Friday 27. September 2019

The advantages of Shortwave transmitters (and online streams...)
People listen to us everywhere..!
To the World

This summer, we received reception reports from all over the globe, from far away places where we never thought people would listen to us. Pleasantly surprised, to find messages in our guestbook from Brazil, Korea, Indonesia, Laos, Sweden, Russia, Finland, Spain and most other European countries.

Is it because of Paul Newman's new DX show? Or were reception conditions better than average? We don't know yet. But it inspired us to do even better, and made us think to expand our activities.

This coming season we're planning new special event High Power broadcasts that can be heard loud and clear in 80% of the populated world. And we're even thinking of expanding our international time slots to better serve Asian and American time zones. Exciting stuff...

This weekend, our new fall/winter program schedule goes into effect, and today we inform our listeners by sending out a newsletter with all the news, including the full new winter schedule.

So stay informed and stay in touch with us and what we're doing: subscribe to our newsletter, and we'll keep you in the loop!

Subscribing is free, fast and easy. And we promise we'll never spam you: we only send out newsletters when we have real news to announce.

No subscriber? Today's Newsletter can also be downloaded here

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 09:00 - 20:00 [cet]: live presented shows on Radio Mi Amigo International

Tuesday 24. September 2019

Subscribe before Friday - get it when we send it...
NEWSLETTER: New shows, new winter schedule and more!
Attention all listeners and friends: coming Friday 27/11, we will send out our latest newsletter with all the September news about our station, introducing new shows, a look at the full new Fall/Winter schedule and more.

If you haven't already, subscribe before Friday and you will automatically receive it in the mail. Subscribing is free, fast and easy: click the pic

Newsletter - Subscribe now!

Monday till Friday: our daily live program 'Hello Europe'
14:00 hrs on 6085 kHz 49m band - 19:00 hrs on 3985 kHz 75m band - Shortwave and online.

Tuesday 17. September 2019

Every day - shortwave and online...
Tune in to Free Radio - all over Europe!
1960s early pirates listener

Monday till Friday: our daily live program 'Hello Europe'
14:00 hrs on 6085 kHz 49m band - 19:00 hrs on 3985 kHz 75m band - Shortwave and online.

Saturday 14. September 2019

Just when you thought the glory days of radio were gone forever...
...Freedom returns to the airwaves!
It's Back!

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 09:00 - 20:00 [cet]: live presented shows on Radio Mi Amigo International

Wednesday 11. September 2019

'Hello Europe!' Live, wherever you are, wherever you go...
Yesterdays Tunes, Todays Technology!
On your phone..?!

Monday till Friday: our daily live program 'Hello Europe'
14:00 hrs on 6085 kHz 49m band - 19:00 hrs on 3985 kHz 75m band - Shortwave and online.

Friday 6. September 2019

Summer is over, the music continues!
What are they talking about..?
Real Radio
Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 09:00 - 20:00 [cet]: live presented shows on Radio Mi Amigo International

... no doubt about the new show that premiers this weekend on Radio Mi Amigo International: Rob de Mink's 'Happy Hours'!

robdemink-sky As early as in the 70s, Rob de Mink toured Holland and Belgium with the original Radio Mi Amigo drive-in show and later joined the prestigious Veronica drive-in show.

He was also a DJ with Dutch national broadcaster NCRV and read the news on Radio 538, Veronica, Sky Radio and Radio 10.

But as of this weekend - just like some others in our crew - he finds himself back on board of today's Radio Mi Amigo.
Welcome, and good luck Rob!

'Happy Hours' - Saturday at 10 a.m. and Sunday at 4 p.m.

Saturday, August 31. 2019

Your last chance this summer... take us to the beach!

Living in the UK, Holland or Belgium? Lucky you, as once more - only this Saturday - blue skies and temperatures of 28 C are expected. It may be your last chance for a lazy day at the beach this summer.

So make the most of it: bring your smartphone and Bluetooth speaker(s) and take us with you.

It's super easy, and if you do, we'll guarantee you'll feel just like these lovely ladies straight from 'the Golden Era of Offshore - Free - Radio', enjoying a real classic Summer Soundtrack..!

Take Mi Amigo to the beach!

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday: live presented shows on Radio Mi Amigo International

29. August 2019

This weekend: relax and enjoy the music!

...your Summer Soundtrack. Live: on Shortwave and Online!

Wherever you go...
Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday: live presented shows on Radio Mi Amigo International

27. August 2019

Hello Europe!
No worries. We'll come to you..! Live: weekdays 14:00 and 19:00 [cet]

Monday till Friday: our daily live program 'Hello Europe'
14:00 hrs on 6085 kHz 49m band SW - 19:00 hrs on 3985 kHz 75m band SW

23. August 2019

Take 'Europe's Nr.1 Oldies station' with you... wherever you go!

...your Summer Soundtrack this weekend, live, on Shortwave and Online!

Wherever you go...
Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday: live presented shows on Radio Mi Amigo International

17. August 2019

Real Radio. Real Fun...
...join us this weekend, live, on Shortwave and Online!


14. August 2019 man will ever forget August 14, 1967...
Today, 52 Years ago on the MV Mi Amigo

August 1967. Johnny Walker and Robbie Dale leaving Felixstowe harbour for Radio Caroline's ship MV Mi Amigo.

The new law made them criminals but most of all they became heroes of a young generation. At 12 midnight DJ Johnny Walker announced Radio Caroline would continue, despite Britain's new Marine Offences Act. 20 million listeners heard him read 'Man's Fight for Freedom'.
Today, 52 years later, once again we remember Monday August 14, 1967.

How can any man forget... don't take Free Radio for granted!

9. August 2019

The Legend continues...

Rosko remains on the good ship Mi Amigo!
It was in turbulent 1964 that a young American Rosko first set foot on the radio ship MV Mi Amigo, playing records for a large European audience.

Who would have thought that 55 years later, he would still find himself doing just that, on the radio station named after that legendary ship, in the good company of other offshore radio jocks and to that same large European audience?

ROSKO Ruling the airwaves since 1964
Rosko was the inventor of Disco Roadshows, posing here with his gear he took on the road in early 60s Britain.
(Original black and white picture coloured by master colorist Harm Koenders)

Radio Mi Amigo International and The Emperor Rosko are pleased to announce that Rosko's current show 'The LA Connection' will be prolonged on the station for yet another year, with the intention of an even much longer cooperation.

Rosko and the jocks at Mi Amigo have much in common: having broadcasted from those ships ourselves, we have Free Radio in our DNA. But we also know how to use all that knowledge and experience and translate it into todays contemporary presentation style, which is what Radio Mi Amigo International is all about.

Yes, we're 'grown up pirates' now, but we know a few old tricks of the trade and, like our listeners, we're still cherishing the freedom and all that great music we grew up with.

4. August 2019

After almost 3 years:

The return of Paul Newman's 'Radio Shack'!
Paul Newman
This weekend we welcome back our old radio friend and former colleague: Paul Newman (UK).

Paul was Radio Mi Amigo International's first English DJ/PD, where - as early as late 2014, still under Captain Kord - he did some groundbreaking work for the station.

His weekly 'Radio Shack' show was one of the most popular DX shows on Shortwave, and helped build the station's success.

Since 2016 Paul's great voice is heard on Britain's DAB station 'Solar Radio' and he is also a team member of Tony Prince's 'United DJs'.

But old love never dies, in this case Paul's love for that typical Shortwave AM sound and the 'Free Radio' format of the legendary offshore stations that only Radio Mi Amigo can offer.

We are delighted and couldn't be happier to announce the return of Paul Newman's Radio Shack DX show, this weekend!

(For those who missed it: here is todays recording from SW 6085 kHz)

...more exciting news:

logo_rmai_1pt2 and logo_sws_1pt2 'renew vows'
'Let's keep this thing going..!'

Last month we paid a long overdue visit to our transmitter friends from Shortwave Service in Kall; a happy reunion that resulted in great new plans for the future. Good news for our shortwave listeners: you will be able to enjoy Radio Mi Amigo International on shortwave for many years to come!

We also looked back at a very successful co-operation of 4 years, during which we managed to maintain an incredible 99.9% up-time for both the shortwave- and the online streaming services. All this time we proved to be professional partners, relying on each other in good times and in those bad times, after we lost our 'captain' Kord.

But from the very start it was always clear that Radio Mi Amigo International and the Sendezentrum in Kall were 'a match made in heaven': vintage radio sounds best on vintage transmitters!
As we still found ourselves in a very happy 'marriage', there, in that breathtaking Eifel landscape, we 'renewed our vows':
   'Let's keep this thing going' remains our shared motto, so we decided to do just that...

(We temporarily took our video offline due to a music rights issue with YouTube. Expect a re-edit soon.)

...keeping the 70s alive:
Johan Vermeer - Radio Mi Amigo Veteran
Did you know Johan Vermeer is one of the original Radio Mi Amigo jocks, who served on Radio Mi Amigo's second ship in the late 70s?

Johan VermeerBeing so familiar with our station and the great music of the offshore era that we still play every day, not only comes in handy for his current Mi Amigo programs, but also for his 'day job' as a music-director of Dutch national Radio 5.

Read all about his career in Radio and visit Johan's DJ page

His show 'Soundtrack Of The 70s' can be heard every Saturday at 11 am and every Sunday at 4 pm, online and via the shortwave 6085 kHz.

4. July 2019

LIVE FROM BELGIUM (...and Greece)

New: Original Flemish sound finally back on Radio Mi Amigo!
The original Radio Mi Amigo, founded 45 years ago by Fleming Sylvain Tack, and his Flemish and Dutch DJs, is still fondly remembered in Belgium today. This was recently demonstrated by the enormous interest during the 45th anniversary event on the temporary radio ship Castor in the port of Blankenberge.

Hofman & Moerman in the morning

Radio Mi Amigo International already had strong ties with the original 70s offshore station, but since the passing of our colleague and radio legend Peter van Dam in 2018, the original Flemish sound was sorely missed. All that will change, as two of Peter's best radio friends from Belgium are now going to fill that void:

Each Saturday at 13:00 hrs and each Sunday at 12:00 hrs:
Flemish DJs Eric Hofman and Dirk Moerman, with a new summer morning show 'Hofman & Moerman'.

Originally scheduled for Friday mornings, the shows immediate success made us decide to move it to weekend afternoons, with the other Dutch shows, so even more listeners can enjoy it.

The new 2-hour live program on Saturdays comes live from the 'Great Media Studios' in Lint, near Antwerp, Belgium. It will be repeated on Sundays. For now, central presentation is still from Eric Hofman (known from VTM, Vijftv (SBS Broadcasting) and Maeva) as Dirk Moerman is staying on the Greek island of Karpathos for 2 months.

Summer sounds and good music are guaranteed. Every hour Eric will switch live to Karpathos for Dirk's contribution, which includes summer recipes for real Greek dishes and cocktails, and Greek holiday tips.

But after Dirk's return, the show will have a full duo presentation, with lots of crazy stuff happening as they kick off Mi Amigo Internationals presented weekend shows every Friday: the first real Flemish live morning show on Mi Amigo since the 70s!

To bring back the original Mi Amigo sound of the past, the Antwerp studio is equipped with an analog broadcast mixer, cart jingle machines and real tube microphones: '70s technology' with Radio Mi Amigo Internationals contemporary Free Radio presentation style

2. June 2019

A short impression of the event that is still going on this Sunday in Blankenberge:

29. May 2019

Radio Mi Amigo's 45th anniversary - May 30 - June 2nd: four days of live programmes from the radio ship Castor, Blankenberge harbour, Belgium

Radio Mi Amigo celebrating 45th Anniversary
45 years ago, Radio Mi Amigo was launched by entrepreneur extraordinaire Sylvain Tack. A true offshore radio pirate, named after the ship that the station broadcasted from: Radio Caroline's legendary radio ship, the mv Mi Amigo.

Radioship MV Castor

This week, we celebrate Radio Mi Amigo's 45th anniversary, together with our Belgian colleagues from 'Miamigo40', a group of free-radio enthusiasts, among them many prominent Radio Mi Amigo veterans.

They organised this unique reunion of 'ex-pirates', that were all involved with the original 70s Radio Mi Amigo. What better spot to re-unite than on a real radio ship: the MV 'Castor', anchored in Belgium's Blankenberge harbour!

castorstudio-thursday We look forward to reuniting with many old 'shipmates' and friends, such as Bert Bennett, Wil van der Steen, Bob Noakes, Ferry Eden and Marc van Amstel, who will all do live shows on the Castor. We'll also pay tribute to two very dear Mi Amigo friends we lost: Peter van Dam and Joop Verhoof: some of their original shows are scheduled as well.

Revisit this website regularly this weekend, as we intend to post live updates, video and pictures throughout the event.

From Thursday, May 30 till Sunday, June 2nd, Radio Mi Amigo International will relay the special Belgian 'Mi Amigo 45' anniversary broadcasts. The programs will come live from a studio on board a temporary 'radio ship': the MV Castor, sister ship of the notorious Bellatrix tender that supplied the Ross Revenge and the MV Communicator in the 80s. See the program schedule.

Visit us! The ship and studio are open to the public. We invite you to come and visit the DJs in our live-studio on board the MV Castor in Blankenberge harbour, where you can experience first-hand that Radio Mi Amigo is still very much alive today, 45 years later...

3. May 2019

Tune in to the legend...
Rosko in the Paris RTL studio

Sure, he looks a bit older now - we all do. But if there's ever been prove that being on the Radio keeps you young, vital and vibrant, Rosko delivers it.

After a dream career -that actually started out on Radio Caroline's MV Mi Amigo, Radio Luxemburg, BBC and many US stations, our very own Rosko still sends us a brand new show from LA each Saturday, and we'll repeat it for you the next Friday, so you don't have to miss it.

Find out how Rosko stays young forever, and how you can too by tuning in to 'The LA Connection'

Fridays and Saturdays 16:00 - 18:00 hrs [cet]

19. April 2019

Goodbye... Man of Action

Songwriter Les Reed has died at the age of 83

Les Reed

Offshore Radio fans will always remember Les Reed's famous RNI tune: 'Man Of Action', that was played on the station during its entire existence.

But there was so much more: Les was well known for co-writing Tom Jones hits 'Delilah' and 'It's Not Unusual', as well as Engelbert Humperdinck's and hundreds of other songs.

Our daily presented program 'Hello Europe', last Wednesday broadcasted an improvised a 'Les Reed special tribute', with many known and lesser known songs from the oeuvre of this brilliant British conductor- orchestral leader and composer, who gave us so much joy through all his great music, especially during 'the Golden Era of Offshore Radio'.

The Les Reed Special Tribute aired on April 20 and 21, but is now archived here

14 April, 2019

Hello to the -changed- World..!
Radio transmitter Malabar, Dutch East-Indies 1923

With this 2400 kilowatt Poulsen arc transmitter, the largest one ever built, in May 1923, the first 12.000km radio link was established between the Dutch East-Indies and the Kootwijk radio communication station in the Netherlands.

An entire village and a huge complex was built to house the transmitters, transformers and power generators. An antenna array with a length of more than 2 miles was stretched through a mountain valley.

Studio Bali - Lion Keezer What a contrast... 96 years later, once again sending radio programs from the now Indonesian island of Bali to the Netherlands, Europe and to our shortwave transmitters in Germany. This time only using a simple laptop and a fiber-optic internet connection. How symbolic for times -and a world- that have changed beyond imagination.

Never before was the title of our program 'Hello To The World' this applicable, as of this weekend, for the next 2 months' it is coming to you "live, from under the volcano, in the heart of Indonesia's' Ring Of Fire', from our studio on the tropical island of Bali..!"

12 April, 2019

The Emperor speaks...

21 March, 2019

Radio Mi Amigo International welcomes Steve Foster (ex-V.O.P.)

Steve Foster on board the Voice of Peace

Another former offshore radio jock is joining our ranks: Steve Foster (UK), formerly of Abie Nathan's 'The Voice of Peace'.

During the late 70’s, Steve presented shows such as 'the International Top 40', 'Breakfast' and 'Twilight Time', on 'The Voice Of Peace', the international offshore radio station based onboard the 'MV Peace', anchored in international waters off the coast of Tel Aviv in Israel.

The ship’s powerful 50,000 watt signal covered a big part of the Middle East, Cyprus and Greece. Station supporters included John and Yoko Lennon and Abba. The station was founded and operated by the Israeli peace activist Abbie Nathan.

As of this weekend Steve Foster can be heard on Radio Mi Amigo International on Saturday's 19:00 hrs [CET]

21 March, 2019

Winners Radio Mi Amigo Winter Winter Competition

Mi Amigo International winter competition 2018

Our highly successful yearly winter competition has now closed and this week we're happy to announce the winners.

Thanks everyone for sending your entries and complete all these pieces of the puzzle.

Visit the competition page to see who won our winter competition!

9. February, 2019

Amazon releases Radio Mi Amigo International Alexa 'Skill'

No hands..! Play Radio Mi Amigo - now on Alexa:
If you own an Alexa device, such as this 'Echo Dot', you can now command it to play Radio Mi Amigo International, it will understand and know what to do.

First, download and activate the Radio Mi Amigo International Skill here:

To play Radio Mi Amigo International on your Alexa speaker,

speak following phrases:

  • "Alexa: open Radio Mi Amigo International"
  • "Alexa: launch Radio Mi Amigo International"
  • "Alexa: start Radio Mi Amigo International"

  • Alexa devices -made by Amazon- are only fully functional and available in the US and the UK and only 'understand' the English language. Its Radio Mi Amigo International skill however, will work anywhere when you operate an Alexa device in other countries.

    25. January 2019

    Bruno Hantson's new French show, starting this weekend!

    Friday 13:00 hrs and Sunday 18:00 hrs cet

    Reto Hit Box - 100% French

    6. January 2019

    Hello Europe..!

    Europe's Nr. 1 Oldies Station!

    27. December 2018

    Happy 2019 wherever you are, whenever you listen...

    Happy 2019

    23. November 2018

    Mi Amigo International winter competition 2018

    Our big annual winter competition kicks off this weekend!

    See our competition page to find out what great prizes you can win and how easy it is to participate!

    Then... just listen and answer the weekly questions we give in all our presented weekend shows, can't miss!

    YOU can be a WINNER this winter!

    23. November 2018

    Happy holidays from all of us!

    Merry Xmas, happy 2019!

    16. November 2018

    Just in: THIS WEEKEND: 2 new offshore radio jocks to join Radio Mi Amigo Int.!
    This weekend will see the première of two new shows on Radio Mi Amigo International: Former RNI Dutch newsreader and DJ Hans 'ten Hooge' Hogendoorn's first show will air on Saturday and Sunday while Bob Le-Roi (UK) will also be heard for the first time on our station, starting this Friday and Sunday.

    Bob Le-Roi is an offshore veteran too, a presenter who has been in broadcasting virtually his whole working life, starting out on Radio City, one of the legendary offshore radio forts off the coast of his native Whitstable.

    Since then, Bobs voice has been heard on a long list of radio stations: BBC Radio Medway, ILR Invicta Radio. Radio Fax in Ireland, Juke Box Memories, European Classic Rock. Radio Seagull and the Voice of Peace, just to name a few.

    reunited-shipmates Whilst still at the BBC, he became involved in supplying the Ross Revenge through 1983 - 1990, an illegal operation that was universally known as 'The Whitstable Navy'. He later joined Radio Caroline, working out of the Maidstone TV Studios and later in Larkfield.

    Radio Mi Amigo International - home of many former Offshore Radio pioneers - is proud to add Bob Le-Roi to its current crew of Free Radio presenters. As of this weekend, Bob can be heard weekly as part of Mi Amigo's live weekend programs.

    Check out the DJ pages of Bob Le-Roi and Hans Hogendoorn for more info.

    2. November 2018


    It is with pride and great pleasure that we can now confirm that former RNI -onboard- Dutch DJ/Newsreader 'Hans ten Hooge' (real name: Hans Hogendoorn) will join Radio Mi Amigo International's crew.

    Hans is a fantastic addition to our team of former offshore radio presenters, and not just for his great work on the MEBO II. For many years he was also a very well-known shortwave presenter for 'Radio Netherlands World Service', for which he also created all imaging.

    Hans_Hogendoorn Furthermore, Hans' unique and very recognizable voice is still widely known in the Netherlands, as for some 20+ years he was the station voice for NOS radio, the Dutch national public broadcasting organization ('the Dutch BBC'), where he can still be heard in imaging and promos.

    Apart from being a great broadcaster, Hans also is one of the nicest guys in the business, who loves radio and has fond memories of the offshore radio days, same as we all do here, at 'Europe's Best Oldies Station'.

    We expect his first shows to start in mid November, at which time we'll publish a special edition of our Newsletter with more information and details about Hans Hogendoorn joining Radio Mi Amigo International. Stay Tuned!

    Subscribe to our Newsletter here

    1. November 2018

    Radio Mi Amigo International's November Newsletter is here!
    Newsletter- November is out!

    The latest edition of our Newsletter is out today.

    In it you'll find the latest news about our station, the autumn competition, how YOU can help to keep us on the air and much more. You can download or subscribe to the newsletter(s) here.

    If you have subscribed in the past you will find it in you email today.

    Due to new legislation it is possible that some of you will have to re-subscribe and 'opt-in'.

    Visit our Newsletter subscription page

    22. September 2018

    Take RADIO MI AMIGO with you - now on all smartphones!
    Did you know that Radio Mi Amigo International can be received while you're on the road, in the car or anywhere you are, via your smartphone. Any smartphone: iPhones, Androids, Windows Phones and Blackberries.

    We've selected 3 great apps for you: the RadioNED app (recommended for Dutch listeners as it has all Dutch radiostations), the radio.NET app and the TuneIn app (recommended for International listeners)

    Just click in this picture to find your favorite App store, also open this link in your smartphone and download the app from there. Once inside the app, look for Radio Mi Amigo International and mark/save it as a 'favourite'.

    You're always just one screenclick away from our music, wherever you are!

    Apps RadioNED TuneIn For iPhone For iPad For Android For Windows Phone To the Apple App store To Google Play To Windows App store To Blackberry World

    2. September 2018

    Emperor Rosko renews contract Radio Mi Amigo International
    Empererop Rosko on board MV Mi Amigo 1966 Emperor Rosko pictured here in the live studio of Radio Caroline on board the MV Mi Amigo, back in 1966

    After weeks of tough negotiations Radio Mi Amigo International and Emperor Rosko are happy to announce they renewed their mutual commitment for another year, securing the legendary DJ's weekly program until at least September 2019.

    In the mid-60s, Rosko served on Radio Caroline's ship the MV Mi Amigo in the 60's joining Caroline South in early 66 and leaving around the autumn of that year to join the French service of Radio Luxembourg. Later he also worked at BBC's Radio 1.

    So we are happy and proud that we have him in our midst because this is where he belongs: with the many ex offshore radio DJ's that make Radio Mi Amigo International the only station providing the 'Soundtrack to a generation, presented by the team that lived it..!'

    'The LA Connection' coming from Rosko's studio in California, can be heard throughout Europe on Shortwave 6085 kHz and Online: Fridays and Saturdays via Radio Mi Amigo International

    Pirate Ghost Ship

    18, August 2018

    This weekend: Aretha Franklin Special - Bruno's Soul Box
    This weekend Bruno Hantson, our Soul Brother and R&B connaisseur extraordinaire, presents a one hour tribute to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, that is NOT to be missed!

    Aretha Franklin

    The show airs Saturday at 18:00 hrs and again on Sunday at 09:00 and 18:00 hrs.

    25th, July 2018

    Article in Radio User Magazine


    There's a nice article about Radio Mi Amigo International in Radio User magazine, the result of increasing popularity and listeners numbers we currently see in the UK.

    The August edition of Radio User magazine just came out and is currently available in shops everywhere in the UK.

    Thanks to Paul Rusling who send us a copy, click picture to see the entire article:

    article Radio User

    14, July 2018

    Join us this weekend!

    Join Us!

    June 11, 2018

    We have upgraded our web streams!

    Radio Mi Amigo International

    Our low bandwidth audio stream for use in mobile devices has been upgraded to 96 kbps AAC+!

    This latest streaming technology now gives you THE SAME audio quality as our main 192 kbps MP3 channel but with HALF its bandwidth use.

    After experiencing issues with our audio streams last weekend, we replaced them, solving all problems while doubling the audio quality of our stream for mobile use!

    Still problems connecting? Refreshing the cache of your browser then reload should solve it. The players should then work again.

    In case you use an IP-Radio, enter this new IP number: or like this: port: 8031

    April 24, 2018

    Technical update for our web stream listeners!
    Radio Mi Amigo International not only broadcasts on Shortwave 6085 kHz, but our music can also be enjoyed in full HD stereo via one of our two webstreams (see listen links at the right menu).

    Some of you are listening via IP Radio's or other players and some of our earlier fans may have used one of 3 older webstreams that now will be discontinued as of Tuesday, April 24.

    Below are the current web stream URL's for use in IP Radio's and other software that need you to type in the direct stream URL: [ port: 8031] - (for high bandwidth 192 kbps)

    OR [ port:8049] - (for low bandwidth 48 kbps AAC+ )

    Some radio's need this:

    March 9, 2018

    Keeping the Captain's dream alive!
    Captain Kord

    Dear listeners,

    You may be aware that our captain and leader Cpt. Kord is seriously ill in hospital.

    As we wait for the news that he is well enough to continue the great work he has started with the radio station, we have organised ourselves into an interim Management Team to keep his dream alive. The team has been appointed with one aim: to keep Radio Mi Amigo International bringing back 'the golden era of AM offshore radio'.

    One of our first priorities was to sort out the problems accessing vital systems Kord used to manage from his studio in Spain, such as our website, webshop and email system. Whilst some parts of the operation were temporarily proving difficult to maintain to Kord's high standard, we'll get there.

    We managed to set up a new domain and the web site can now be reached again at:
    (that's correct, there's nothing behind 'international', as '.international' is our new 'top-level domain')
    Our new email address is:

    We temporarily closed the webshop as due to the Captain's absence there's also a backlog of orders. Email addresses linked to the original domain are not working yet, but that too will be fixed soon. We'll keep the first part (everything before the '@') of the addresses, only replacing the old domain name with the new '' domain name. So regularly check the new website or the new Facebook page for the latest news.

    Our daily shortwave transmissions on 6085 kHz in the 49-meter band remain unaffected and continue as normal. If you’d like to listen digitally, best way is to use the links at the top right menu from our website.

    So, thank you for your understanding. And thank you for your support.

    Together, we will keep Captain Kord’s dream alive.

    Together, we will keep Radio Mi Amigo International on the air!

    January 7, 2018

    Goodbye amigo!

    Peter van Dam  1952 - 2018

    Words can't describe the sadness we feel losing one of our own: Peter van Dam - the original Radio Mi Amigo icon, DJ, our colleague, friend, the voice in almost all of our jingles and audio design.

    Peter spend the last years of his long and amazing radio career on the station where it all started: Radio Mi Amigo. His contemporary shows were original, sparkling and popular as ever, bringing joy and delight to his many fans, to us - and to himself.

    For that -but especially for knowing how happy Peter was to be on the radio again, with us, on Mi Amigo, we feel grateful. We'll always remember and honour him as his voice remains where it belongs: with us, in our jingles - every day and in every show. Forever...

    Goodby amigo!

    Peter Van Dam

    See Peter van Dam's - Wikipedia page

    February 25, 2017

    Join our live weekends!
    Our DJ's || Our Frequencies || Broadcast Schedule

    Every weekend live!

    Mi Amigo's daily shortwave broadcasts bring back that warm original AM radio sound that comes with AM modulation. REAL radio, the way we remember it from those exciting times when the Pirates ruled the airwaves. Combined with our jingles and a selection of great songs from the 60's, 70's and 80's, it instantly brings back the memories of the Golden Era of offshore broadcasting.

    However we do use modern technology and a more contemporary presentation style to create what we believe would be the sound of those very offshore pirate radio stations, had they still been on the air today. Its called: 'Free Radio'...

    February 6, 2017

    Test transmissions for North America
    test transmissions USA

    Always trying to find new ways of reaching new SW audiences both in- and outside Europe, this month we are conducting a series of test transmissions from within the USA.

    Last December we had a successful 125 kW broadcast from Germany aimed at North America. Reception reports came in from all over the USA but also from many South American countries such as Mexico and Brazil.

    al_weinerThis month we will do 3 test broadcasts from inside North America, from the small town of Monticello in the northern US state of Maine, very close to the Canadian border.

    We'll use the two 50 kW transmitters from SW station WBCQ, which is run by a dedicated team of radio enthusiasts for the benefit of the listeners.

    There's also a link with European Offshore radio since one of the leading figures behind WBCQ is Allan Weiner, who worked for Radio Caroline on the Ross Revenge in 1985 and later went on to start his own offshore station Radio New York International (RNYI) from the M.V. Sarah in 1987.

    The test transmissions (music, station ID's and info) will be held on:

  • Sunday, February 12 on 7490 kHz 21:00 - 22:00 hrs UTC  (4 - 5 pm EST local time)
  • Thursday, February 16 on 7490 kHz 01:00 - 02:00 hrs UTC (Wed. Feb. 15, 8 - 9 pm EST local)
  • Saturday, February 18 on 9330 kHz 22:00 - 23:00 hrs UTC  (5 - 6 pm EST local time)
  • If you want to check online receivers in the US, here are some links:

    USA WebSDR's for 9330 kHz

    Edinburgh, Indiana
    Fenton, Michigan
    Rochester, New York
    Sea Girt, New Jersey
    Middletown, New Jersey
    Milford 1, Pennsylvania
    Milford 2, Pennsylvania
    Parker, Texas
    Burke, Virginia
    Alexandria, Virginia

    January 21, 2017

    We would like to thank our listeners for all the nice reactions to our programs!

    We received so much mail over the past weeks: real letters, emails and photographs of where you put our stickers. So thanks again you are the best! Keep listening and we'll keep providing the music, every day on 6085 kHz and online!

    December 30 - 2016

    Happy 2017!

    'The Fastest growing AM Radio Station in Europe' would like to thank all listeners for their support over the past year. In the new year we will continue to grow and keep you entertained and surprised, so stay tuned in 2017!

    December 17 - 2016

    X-MAS presents from Radio Mi Amigo International!

    This Christmas we'll present you with 2 extra high power Special Event broadcasts that will cover a large part of the globe!

    What better occasion than X-mas to celebrate the fact that in 2016 we became the fastest growing AM/Shortwave station in Europe -and possibly the world.

    • Our special 2 hour broadcast on December 25th will come from the Armenian 100 kW transmitter - aimed at the larger European region - including Eastern Europe and large parts of Russia and the Middle East.
    • On December 26th )* a very powerful 125 kW signal from Nauen in Germany will be aimed directly at North America, but with a large overlap in other regions as well.

    The large European continent and North America together hold 15% of the world’s population, over 1 billion people. Of course we know Shortwave is a niche but we’re convinced that this time more people than ever will tune in to our special broadcast.

    Our special Event show will be presented live from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, with contributions from all involved with Radio Mi Amigo, directly from studio's in Holland, The UK, Germany, Spain and Equador. We'll introduce ourselves to hopefully many new listeners, celebrate with the current ones, look back at our 2016 highlights and play some very special music. You'll get updates of our plans for next year and we'll talk DX and Shortwave.

    Please note the times and frequencies below and calculate UTC times to your timezone.
    (For instance: EST -New York- is earlier, so there it will still be on December 25: 7 - 9 pm)

    Date: 25-12-2016
    Time: 19:00 hrs - 21:00 hrs UTC (20:00 - 22:00 hrs Central European Time)
    Frequency: 6145 kHz (49 meter band) - via Armenia (100 kW)
    To: the greater European region

    Date: 26-12-2016
    Time: 00:00 hrs - 02:00 hrs UTC (01:00 hrs - 03:00 hrs Central European Time)
    Frequency: 6080 kHz (49 meter band) via Nauen, Germany (125 kW)
    To: North America

    )* Note that in the U.S. the broadcast date is still December 25! 7 - 9 pm [EST], 6- 8 pm [CST] and 4 - 6 pm [PST]

    The minimal 'worst case scenario' 6080 kHz footprint...

    Our SW antenna in Germany turning towards North America...

    December 10 - 2016

    Test transmission to Far East reached half the planet...

    'Radio Mi Amigo World Service.'.. no joke!. This is how our Asian broadcast was received on the Indonesian Island of Bali today... :)

    Our signal covered almost half the planet from Europe to Tasmania, the most southern part of Australia.

    Well done Shortwaveservice! See first hand how the broadcast was received on Bali where Lion shot this video. He, the fishermen and those pretty ladies -who take care of him there- were not the only ones listening: reports pouring in from:

    Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam, Tachimachi - Japan, ZhangJie - China, Samara - Russia, Saratov - Russia, Irkutsk - Russia, Zaporijja - Ukraine, Nedumangad - India, Quezon city - Philippines, Denpasar - Indonesia, Subang Jaya - Selangor - Malaysia, Brisbane - Australia, Port Macquarie - Australia, Perth - Australia, Melbourne - Australia ....and counting. Lots more coming in!

    December 7 - 2016

    Friday 9 December, 10 - 11 hrs UTC, on 11.730 kHz
    Special test broadcast for Asia and Australia!


    As the fastest growing AM Radio Station in Europe, we are constantly on the move trying to find new ways to expand our coverage.

    So far most of are broadcasts are aimed at Europe, but together with our broadcast partner Shortwaveservice in Germany we're exploring new ways of reaching other parts of the world as well, such as with recent high power test broadcasts directed towards North America.

    This coming Friday, the 9th of December from 10 to 11 UTC, on 11.730 kHz, Radio Mi Amigo we will do a special broadcast aimed at larger Asia, Australia, China and Japan.

    For this purpose we will use a transmitter located in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka (see picture) with a high power 125 kilowatts. Mi Amigo's own Lion Keezer is currently on the Indonesian Island of Bali and will monitor the signal first hand from there. But of course we're looking out for your reception reports from that huge part of the world!

    This special broadcast will also be relayed on our regular 6085 kHz at the same time in Europe.

    So please tune in: 11.730 kHz on Friday, December 9, from 10 to 11 UTC (that's 11 - 12 hrs Central European time)

    As always you'll promptly receive our beautiful QSL-card and some Mi Amigo car stickers in the mail.

    Below: the 11.730 125 kW footprint:


    November 20 - 2016

    Special Broadcast Sunday, November 27: 6145 kHz - 20:00 - 22:00 hrs. [cet]

    Event 27-11

    Sunday evening November 27 from 20:00 - 22:00 hrs CET we will do another special event show, this time to promote our new daily transmissions on 6085 kHz.

    The show will air on 6145 kHz with 100 Kilowatts (!) from the Armeria transmitter, just like we did in October.

    The 2 hour show will be hosted by Cpt. Kord from Alicante and will have have 4 segments presented live by 4 of our DJ's: Johnny Lewis, Peter van Dam, Ron O'Quin and Keith Lewis from their studio's in The UK, Holland and Equador.

    We expect this broadcast to be received not only in Europe but also in other parts of the world and again we look forward to your reception reports. As always, we'll reward you with our new printed QSL card and Mi Amigo car stickers.

    Europe's fastest growing AM Radio Station is now...


    Now: every day on 6085 kHz: our new -all day- frequency!

    6085 kHz - Every day! Great news: as of Sunday, October 30, we have our own dedicated Shortwave frequency of 6085 kHz and extended our daily broadcasts from 9 in the morning until 6 o'clock in the evening.

    Not only will listeners be able to enjoy our great selection of music from ‘the Golden Era of Offshore AM Free radio’ every day, on Shortwave in the 49-meter band, but:
    on Saturdays and Sundays our international DJ’s will present shows live - all day..!

    bannerhomepage Our daily live programme 'Hello Europe' can be heard on weekdays 14:00 hrs and will be repeated later at 19:00 hrs in the 75 m band on 3985 kHz.

    The new dedicated shortwave transmitter on 6085 kHz is a big step forward, but our growth will not stop there. We expect to bring you more exciting news about further AM expansion in the Northern European regions soon.

    Your All Day Music Station on Shortwave

    What started two and a half years ago with a few tests on shortwave (initiated in Spain by our 'Captain' Kord Lemkau), has grown fast into a consistent pan-European radio station with an international cast of mostly former Offshore Radio DJ's and studio's in 5 countries.

    Now, with a more modern, contemporary touch and today’s technology, we are still fully dedicated to preserve the idea of Free Radio and do so with programmes and music that reflect the Golden Era of Offshore AM Free Radio.

    Broadcasting on Shortwave, Medium Wave, FM and online, we enjoy a steady growth, with faithful listeners - not only in Europe but literally from all over the globe such as: the USA, South America, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Australia.

    September 26 - 2016
    Special celebration broadcast this Saturday: COME CELEBRATE WITH US!
    Saturday, October 29: Special 100 kW broadcast on 6120 kHz!
    [This show has now been archived on Mixcloud. Direct listen link here - or click on the picture

    Coming Saturday night, October 29, from 20:00 - 22:00 hrs [CET], we present a special powerful shortwave broadcast originating from our 100 kilowatt (!) relay station in Armenia, on 6120 kHz.

    October 30 - 6120 kHz

    In this special live event show we will introduce and celebrate our own shortwave transmitter and frequency as well as our new -extended- winter programme schedule.

    Hosted by Lion Keezer in Amsterdam, he and 5 other Mi Amigo DJ's will contribute live from their studio's in the UK, Belgium, Holland and Spain to tell you all about their shows and our new schedule and frequencies that will officially start the next morning, Sunday, 30 October, 09:00 hrs [cet].

    We expect this broadcast to be received not only in Europe but also in large parts of the world and we look forward to your reception reports. As always, we'll reward you with our new printed QSL card and Mi Amigo car stickers.

    More of these special 100 kilowatt SW broadcasts are planned for November 27 and December 25. Stay tuned...

    October 5 - 2016

    Keith Lewis

    We are delighted to announce that another former offshore radio DJ will join the Mi Amigo International team: Keith Lewis.

    The Voice of Peace, Radio Caroline, Radio Nova - are just a few of the stations that Keith Lewis worked for, back in the 80's.

    Keith is a true believer in Free Radio, and like all of us he got inspired again by the idea of 'Bringing back the Golden Era of Offshore AM -Free- Radio' on todays airwaves.

    After 22 years of absence he decided to make his comeback at Mi Amigo, the fastest growing AM -Free- Radio station in Europe. Welcome on board Keith!

    September 26 - 2016

    New Radio Mi Amigo QSL Cards!

    For those of you who received us on Shortwave or AM -and have send us reception reports, we have brand new QSL Cards!

    QSL card Radio Mi Amigo International

    Just don't forget to include your real address in your reception report, so we can send this nice QSL card - featuring a nice color pic of the MV Mi Amigo- to you in the old fashioned way: by real mail! Send your reports to:

    September 15 - 2016

    Our new stickers have arrived!

    Here they are: our new bumper stickers - fresh from the printers, available as of today!

    We'll send you some for free if you send us a reception report in the month of September - and it would be nice te receive back a picture of one of our stickers somewhere in Europe or some other exotic place where we are received! Write us! New Mi Amigo stickers!

    September 1 - 2016

    NEW: extra -low bandwidth- web stream for mobile and slower internet

    Having trouble listening to our High Quality 192 kbps online stereo web stream via your smartphone or because of slow internet connections? We heard you!

    As of September 1st we installed an extra -low bandwidth- (48 kbps!) AAC+ web stream that will still give you amazing audio quality on all your mobile devices and on computers with limited bandwidth connections, especially in remote areas where high speed connections are not available.

    So check it out, there are new links to the 48 kbps AAC+ stream from the right menu on all our web pages on this site. Enjoy!

    PS: We also upgraded our 192 kbps player to look better and perform faster!

    SW Radio Event of the Year July 22 - 2016
    Our great SW radio event was an overwhelming success! We received over 400 mails, comments on FB and entries to our Guestbook.

    We clearly touched the hearts of our listeners in true Free Radio spirit! During the show we received mails from literally all over Europe, and also from the USA, Canada, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Japan(!) the United Arab Emirates and many from deep into Russia and Siberia.

    Thanks to everyone who responded so nicely, stay in touch!

    Missed it? Click here: Mi Amigo Live from Kall and listen to the Live Event from the archived broadcast on Mixcloud. All details on the event can be read here

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