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Live programma's aan de Belgische kust:
2021 - Offshore Days in Zeebrugge
High Power Broadcasts:
Regelmatig verzorgen wij High Power (150 kW) Special Event kortegolf uitzendingen gericht op andere continenten zoals Azie, Australie, Noord- en Zuid Amerika of heel groot Europa inclusief Rusland..

Hier wat info over eerdere uitzendingen:

SW Radio Event of the Year July 22 - 2016
Our great SW radio event was an overwhelming success! We received over 400 mails, comments on FB and entries to our Guestbook.

We clearly touched the hearts of our listeners in true Free Radio spirit! During the show we received mails from literally all over Europe, and also from the USA, Canada, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Japan(!) the United Arab Emirates and many from deep into Russia and Siberia.

Thanks to everyone who responded so nicely, stay in touch!

Missed it? Click here: Mi Amigo Live from Kall and listen to the Live Event from the archived broadcast on Mixcloud. All details on the event can be read here

December 17 - 2016

X-MAS presents from Radio Mi Amigo International!

This Christmas we'll present you with 2 extra high power Special Event broadcasts that will cover a large part of the globe!

What better occasion than X-mas to celebrate the fact that in 2016 we became the fastest growing AM/Shortwave station in Europe -and possibly the world.

  • Our special 2 hour broadcast on December 25th will come from the Armenian 100 kW transmitter - aimed at the larger European region - including Eastern Europe and large parts of Russia and the Middle East.
  • On December 26th )* a very powerful 125 kW signal from Nauen in Germany will be aimed directly at North America, but with a large overlap in other regions as well.

The large European continent and North America together hold 15% of the world’s population, over 1 billion people. Of course we know Shortwave is a niche but we’re convinced that this time more people than ever will tune in to our special broadcast.

Our special Event show will be presented live from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, with contributions from all involved with Radio Mi Amigo, directly from studio's in Holland, The UK, Germany, Spain and Equador. We'll introduce ourselves to hopefully many new listeners, celebrate with the current ones, look back at our 2016 highlights and play some very special music. You'll get updates of our plans for next year and we'll talk DX and Shortwave.

Please note the times and frequencies below and calculate UTC times to your timezone.
(For instance: EST -New York- is earlier, so there it will still be on December 25: 7 - 9 pm)

Date: 25-12-2016
Time: 19:00 hrs - 21:00 hrs UTC (20:00 - 22:00 hrs Central European Time)
Frequency: 6145 kHz (49 meter band) - via Armenia (100 kW)
To: the greater European region

Date: 26-12-2016
Time: 00:00 hrs - 02:00 hrs UTC (01:00 hrs - 03:00 hrs Central European Time)
Frequency: 6080 kHz (49 meter band) via Nauen, Germany (125 kW)
To: North America

)* Note that in the U.S. the broadcast date is still December 25! 7 - 9 pm [EST], 6- 8 pm [CST] and 4 - 6 pm [PST]

The minimal 'worst case scenario' 6080 kHz footprint...

Our SW antenna in Germany turning towards North America...

Test transmission to Far East reached half the planet...

'Radio Mi Amigo World Service.'.. no joke!. This is how our Asian broadcast was received on the Indonesian Island of Bali today... :)

Our signal covered almost half the planet from Europe to Tasmania, the most southern part of Australia.

Well done Shortwaveservice! See first hand how the broadcast was received on Bali where Lion shot this video. He, the fishermen and those pretty ladies -who take care of him there- were not the only ones listening: reports pouring in from:

Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam, Tachimachi - Japan, ZhangJie - China, Samara - Russia, Saratov - Russia, Irkutsk - Russia, Zaporijja - Ukraine, Nedumangad - India, Quezon city - Philippines, Denpasar - Indonesia, Subang Jaya - Selangor - Malaysia, Brisbane - Australia, Port Macquarie - Australia, Perth - Australia, Melbourne - Australia ....and counting. Lots more coming in!

December 7 - 2016

Friday 9 December, 10 - 11 hrs UTC, on 11.730 kHz
Special test broadcast for Asia and Australia!


As the fastest growing AM Radio Station in Europe, we are constantly on the move trying to find new ways to expand our coverage.

So far most of are broadcasts are aimed at Europe, but together with our broadcast partner Shortwaveservice in Germany we're exploring new ways of reaching other parts of the world as well, such as with recent high power test broadcasts directed towards North America.

This coming Friday, the 9th of December from 10 to 11 UTC, on 11.730 kHz, Radio Mi Amigo we will do a special broadcast aimed at larger Asia, Australia, China and Japan.

For this purpose we will use a transmitter located in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka (see picture) with a high power 125 kilowatts. Mi Amigo's own Lion Keezer is currently on the Indonesian Island of Bali and will monitor the signal first hand from there. But of course we're looking out for your reception reports from that huge part of the world!

This special broadcast will also be relayed on our regular 6085 kHz at the same time in Europe.

So please tune in: 11.730 kHz on Friday, December 9, from 10 to 11 UTC (that's 11 - 12 hrs Central European time)

As always you'll promptly receive our beautiful QSL-card and some Mi Amigo car stickers in the mail.

Below: the 11.730 125 kW footprint:


November 20 - 2016

Special Broadcast Sunday, November 27: 6145 kHz - 20:00 - 22:00 hrs. [cet]

Event 27-11

Sunday evening November 27 from 20:00 - 22:00 hrs CET we will do another special event show, this time to promote our new daily transmissions on 6085 kHz.

The show will air on 6145 kHz with 100 Kilowatts (!) from the Armeria transmitter, just like we did in October.

The 2 hour show will be hosted by Cpt. Kord from Alicante and will have have 4 segments presented live by 4 of our DJ's: Johnny Lewis, Peter van Dam, Ron O'Quin and Keith Lewis from their studio's in The UK, Holland and Equador.

We expect this broadcast to be received not only in Europe but also in other parts of the world and again we look forward to your reception reports. As always, we'll reward you with our new printed QSL card and Mi Amigo car stickers.


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