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Paul Newman

Paul was 10 years old when he became the proud owner of a MW pocket transistor radio. At home in Herefordshire, UK in 1972, listening at night under the bedclothes was an exciting experience (when the radio wasn’t confiscated by his parents).

He remembers hearing Radio North Sea International, Radio Caroline / Mi Amigo, Luxembourg, American Forces Network, Manx Radio, Radio Eireann and many more.

His family soon moved closer to London, which enabled him to hear the launch of local commercial radio in the UK as well as offshore Radio Seagull.

Upon leaving school, Paul studied at college for a City & Guilds diploma in Radio, TV & Electronics. He still loves building & experimenting with various antennas and communications receivers, and for him, nothing can replace the “romance of mediumwave & shortwave.”

In 1989 Paul got his big break as a professional radio presenter. He heard test transmissions from FOX FM, his new local radio station for Oxford. Paul recorded a demo at his hospital radio studio, drove to FOX one evening, spotted an open door (literally) and left his demo tape on the programme controller’s desk.

A few days later he received the magical call and the rest is history. Paul spent most of the 1990’s as a full-time professional radio presenter, working at MIX 96, Chiltern, Capital Radio’s AM & FM stations in southern England & Birmingham, 2CR and Red Dragon.

Since the year 2000, Paul has worked at Smooth Radio in London and FM stations in Hampshire & Berkshire, plus various temporary “RSL” stations for special events. In 2011, Paul built his own home studio and joined Radio Seagull 1602. He can also be found playing soul music on Solar Radio via the Sky Digital satellite across the UK & Europe.

Paul admits that one of his remaining ambitions was to work on a shortwave station. He’s therefore very happy to present the weekly English show on Radio Mi Amigo International and looks forward to receiving reception reports from far & wide, as well as All-Time Top 5 requests from listeners.


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