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Johan Vermeer is one of the original Radio Mi Amigo jocks, who served on Radio Mi Amigo's second ship in the late 70s.

Being so familiar with our station and the great music of the offshore era that we still play every day, not only comes in handy for his current Mi Amigo programs, but also for his 'day job' as a music-director of Dutch national Radio 5.

Johan explains how it all came about:

"The Radio virus caught me at very a young age: I was 11 years old when I was introduced to Radio 227 on my first 'All Transistor' radio in 1967. Wow, to hear all those hits..!

The Beatles, Beach Boys, the Cats and Cyrcle with 'Good Things Going' played on 'your station Radio 227 with your host Look Boden...' That line alone! And with that American style reverb behind it...

Such a shame that station didn't last. I wasn't much into Radio Veronica at the time, which stil had old fashioned, 50s style programming. Fortunately RNI Radio Northsea International appeared on the scene in 1970, off the English coast, caught in the middle of all those election and jamming troubles. What a great period in offshore pirate radio!

In the meantime I was continuing my electronics study, specialising in Radio and TV technology.
At the age of 19, I got hold of all my diplomas, plus a Radio Amateur license! I was setting up notorious pirate AM stations in Amsterdam, with exotic names such as Cyrano and Mercury (with Ad Roberts, Graham Gill and Rob Hudson, all of offshore radio fame).

In 1978, when cable became big in Amsterdam, I started doing shows on cable pirate Unique FM.
I also made programs for stations such as Domstad in Utrecht and Hofstad Radio in The Hague, Hollands biggest land-based pirate stations.

MV Magdalena On Radio Mi Amigo, the original Belgian offshore station, my voice was already heard in commercials and name-jingles for its DJs. So It was only a matter of time before I would get my feet wet on that last remaining offshore station off the Dutch coast, that just started using a new ship, the MV Magdalena.

Finally an opportunity to make radio programs at sea, doing even a Top-50 show. It was the summer of 1979, with hits such as 'Does Your Mother Know' by Abba and 'Reunited' by Peaches And Herb.

Back on land, I remained involved with land based pirate Radio Unique, 'Amsterdam's most professional radio station'. It kept me very busy until late 1984.

Subsequently doing programs at, among others, Focus 103 and for Radio Utrecht, the official regional station for the province of Utrecht. The station was renamed 'Radio M for Central Netherlands' in the mid-90s. I became its music director there and during 7 years also presented a Sunday morning magazines.

In 2006, after a reshuffle, I finally ended up with Dutch National Radio5, where as a music director, I still compile all those radio classics on a daily basis.

I'm delighted to still be able to present shows on Radio Mi Amigo International, the only station where I can keep both the music and the 'Golden Age of the Sea Stations' alive ... "

You can hear Johan Vermeer at Mi Amigo International:
every Saturday at 11 am and every Sunday at 4 pm, online and via the shortwave 6085 kHz.


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