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Radio Mi Amigo International has its origin in Spain (2014) as the AM shortwave extension of 2 Spanish FM stations in Alicante, that were named after the legendary radio ship of Radio Caroline: the mv Mi Amigo.

The Spanish FMs served mainly British and German tourists and expats, but the shortwave station initially focused on Europe. 'Europe's Nr.1 Oldies Station': multilingual and comparable to Radio Luxembourg, that once broadcasted iconic popmusic from the heart of Europe to a European audience.

Music transcends all boundaries and thanks to the internet and a sophisticated choice of international music, many music- and radio enthusiasts in the rest of the world now enjoy listening to the station as well.

Today, the station offers full international programming, with shows presented in 4 languages: English, Dutch, French and German. Its presentation style and music choices strongly reminiscent of 'radio' from the early days of pop, when pirate radio ships off the English and Dutch coast ruled the airwaves.


Radio Caroline's  mv Fredericia 1964 Real 'Free Radio', where seasoned DJs determine the atmosphere and pick all music themselves. Composing their own 'flow', following their own musical taste, just like they did back in the day on those ships. Everyone at Radio Mi Amigo International still has those skills, because many of its DJs originally created and invented 'Free Radio'.

Current DJs in the team include: 'Emperor' Rosko (who found himself on board the mv Mi Amigo as early as 1964), Ron O'Quinn (former program director of 2 British offshore stations in the 60s), Johnny Lewis (served on 4 offshore stations and is still with todays Radio Caroline), Paul Graham and Lion Keezer who both served aboard the Mi Amigo, as well as Johan Vermeer, an original Radio Mi Amigo DJ.

Previously also Peter van Dam †, RNI's Hans Hogendoorn and many other offshore DJs presented shows on the station.

Radio Mi Amigo International is dedicated to classic 'free radio': a loose presentation style 'format' with the very best original music and artists. Not only from the period 1960 - 1988 (the offshore radio era) but also music of a later date if it fits well with the rest and with the taste of an international 'oldies' loving audience.


It is that unique and special experience of RMAI's DJs, that makes it possible to run a radio station in 2023 that distinguishes itself in so many ways from today's offer. Off-beat and unconventional, with an emphasis on the essence of pop music and with a big nod to the offshore stations and 'the Golden Era of Free Radio', in the good tradition of Radio Caroline, Radio London and Radio Luxembourg.

Augustus 1967

The station emphasizes that its name refers solely to the legendary radio ship: the mv Mi Amigo, that served the longest of all the 'pirates', and where many of its DJ veterans started out their careers in radio. Confusing as it may sound, it never pretended to be a 'continuation' of the old Flemish station 'Radio Mi Amigo', or to revive it.

Radio Mi Amigo International is broader than that. Its programs are aimed at a much larger, multilingual audience, even in countries and continents where offshore radio stations were never present. The Dutch language plays a subordinate role and Flemish is even completely absent.


In the past, Radio Mi Amigo International too devoted tribute programs to the former Belgian 'Radio Mi Amigo' owned by the Flemish waffle maker Sylvain Tack, who in 1974, also named his station after the Radio Caroline ship from which it started. These events took place in the summers of 2020 and 2021, during a series of live broadcasts in seaside resorts on the Belgian coast.


'de echte' And then there was the online web station that has more recently manifested itself under the name 'Mi Amigo Radio - de èchte' (the original).

There have always been many of those tribute stations claiming the same, and this one was merely the initiative of one Mi Amigo fan Eric Hofman from Lint/Antwerp, who had approached a few former DJs of both land based pirate 'Maeva' and the old Flemish offshore station 'Mi Amigo', to join him in an adventure that turned out to be more like a spin-off of what we created 8 years ago, than like the original 70s offshore station of the same name.

Those 6 original Amigo DJs reminisced a lot (in Dutch) and even played many of the old commercials and cassette tapes of the original programs from the 70s. This certainly brought back sweet memories for the Flemish fans of that station, proud as they were of 'their' 70s offshore station, the only one to survive when the others went silent in 1974.

All shows were supposed to originate from Playa de Aro in Spain - so it blared every hour -, however that was never the case. Just a post box was the only link with the Spanish tourist town where Mi Amigo's 70s studios once stood, but where Hofman himself has never set foot.

However, the initial enthusiasm and stamina among the DJs faded quickly after the promised and announced summer 2022 live broadcasts from Spain never came about due to 'organisational issues' and poor management. When, after a while, more and more listeners started complaining 'that for Hofman raising money (by selling merchandise and goods via Shopify/AliExpress links) seemed the main reason to keep his station going', the unavoidable happened:

Mid-April 2023, after just over a year, all 'real' Mi Amigo DJs: Bart Van Gogh, Bart van Leeuwen, Ferry Eden, Frans van der Drift, Marc Jacobs, Ton Schipper as well as Steve Foster left jointly, due to 'a protracted conflict with the management', causing the bottom to drop out of the project now that nothing 'real' is left.



This year, Mi Amigo International is proudly celebrating its 8th anniversary as a true shortwave AM radio station.

On the air daily on 6085 kHz for 7 years in a row from 09:00 - 19:00 [cet] for Europe and 24/7 to the world in super HD crystal clear stereo via four internet audio streams.

Listeners all over the globe tune in daily to 'Europe's No.1 Oldies station for the best sounds from that 'Golden Era of Offshore -Free - Radio'.

Keeping the spirit of Free Radio alive in 2023'


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