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Listen to our programs and music online in STEREO
6085 kHz -  9 - 18:00 hrs daily
Our web streams relay all live programming in excellent HQ stereo during all broadcasts on Shortwave, Medium Wave and FM.

Outside our live broadcast times the High Quality web stream is online 24/7 with a selection of the best and most memorable music from 'the Golden Era of Offshore AM Radio'.

Our web stream players: 192 kbps mp3 and 96 kbps AAC+
The easiest way to listen is to climb directly on board:

For low bandwidth users (Mobile devices, phones, tablets or computers with slow bandwidth connections) there is a 96 kbps AAC+ web stream that still gives you -the same- amazing audio quality:

96 kbps AAC+
For listeners outside Europe - 192 mp3 locally hosted in North America for your convenience:


For mobile users who have very little bandwidth at their disposal, we have this ultra low bandwidth 48 kbps -experimental- stream, that still provides great audio quality:

96 kbps AAC+

Listen on your mobile phone: here are the apps

Other players
Audio web stream reception can sometimes be challenging as there are many different computer operating systems, mobile devices, browsers and players. Thats why we offer a variety of ways for you to tune in, making sure there's always something for you that will work:

Click on the icons: | tunein-pls | tunein-asx | tunein-ram | tunein-qtl | - Now on air: Loading ...


ALEXA devices
We have activated our own Alexa skill, you now can play us on any Alexa device:

Speak following phrases to play Radio Mi Amigo International
(pronounce radio name as 4 separate words)

  • "Alexa: start Radio Mi Amigo International"
  • or one of these 2 alternative commands:

  • "Alexa: open Radio Mi Amigo International"
  • "Alexa: launch Radio Mi Amigo International"

You can also listen to us via TuneIn:
Note that many stations on TuneIn are not available in the UK.
Look here for our recommended smartphone apps: great Mobile Apps

(Populaire radio portal service in Duitsland)

Or use myTuner Radio:


    Internet radios
    ATTENTION: 2 older webstreams we used are discontinued as of June 29. 2021.

    Below are the current web stream IP numbers for use in IP Radio's and/or other software that need direct input of the IP nrs of our webstreams:

    Paste this IP address into your Internet radio's settings: - (for high bandwidth 192 kbps)
    or (depending on your radio) like this: port: 8031

    OR for low bandwidth (but still excellent sound) - (for low bandwidth 48 kbps AAC+ )
    or (depending on your radio) like this: port:8049

    Some radio's need this:

    When a page asks for 'Country' enter Spain (Alicante). IP-radio
    Some Internet radios use the Vradio directory:

    Or... turn your PC into a professional Shortwave radio receiver!
    You don't need a radio to listen to any station on Shortwave. There are radio receivers on the internet that you can control from your own computer (no software installations).

    To get an impression, see this video, then go to the website below and try it yourself:

    More info here: your personal online Shortwave receiver (webSDR) on the internet.


    HD Main audiostream 192kbps MP3
    Low bandwidth HD stream 96k AAC+
    intercontinental Listening abroad? Use this
    Other players:
    Winamp, iTunes | Windows Media Player | QuickTime | Real Player

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    Some of our shows are
  • archived on Mixcloud
  • Missed our Event? It's still here: Shortwave AM Radio Event of the Year - Live with the entire crew



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